Irrational Numbers

Irrational Numbers

An Irrational Number is any number that canNOT be expressed as a simple fraction.

Irrational numbers cannot be expressed with terminating or repeating decimals. The digits after the decimal point changes randomly, never reaching a repeating pattern. Many square roots have this characteristic (In fact, all square roots that are not square roots of perfect squares are irrational). In addition to square roots, there are famous (and userful) math number that have this characteristic. The following are samples of irrational numbers:

If you examine the following NASA link, you will find examples of irrational numbers that have checked to MILLIONS of decimal places to confirm that there is no repeating patterns in their decimal digits ...

Though you may not immediately be able to recognize many of these types of numbers, it turns out that there are more irrational number hidden away in the nooks and crannies of numbers than there are rational numbers. You will discover more and more of these types of numbers as you wander through mathematics.

*Note: We will talk about π, φ and 'e' soon, but, not here.

The combination of all rational numbers and irrational numbers produces a set of numbers called real numbers.

smile Hah, I bet you think you know all about number now. You think you've heard it all, you know about all real numbers. Sorry, you still have a chance to learn about something more ... look forward to learning about imaginary numbers a whole new exciting type of numbers.