Rational Numbers

Rational Numbers

A Rational Number is any number that can be expressed as a simple fraction.

Many numbers are rational. All natural numbers, whole numbers and integers are rational, all these numbers can be divided 1, so as an example 25 = 25/1 (a fraction). By definition of rational, all fractions are rational numbers. All terminating decimals (like 0.125) and decimals with repeating decimal positions (like 0.1111) are rational. They can be matched with a fraction (ex. 0.125 = 1/8 , 0.1111 = 1/9 ).

You may think all numbers are rational, but, not all numbers are rational. Many curious number are not rational, they can not be found as the equivalent of fraction. You will learn about them later. But, an example of a non-rational number would be, √2. There is no fraction that can be multiplied times itself to create the number 2, therefore, it is not a rational number. Numbers like √2, √3, π and many other numbers are referred to as Irrational numbers.

Examples of rational numbers:

  • →     10/1
  • →     3/10
  • →     1/2
  • →     1/9
  • →     7/1000
  • →     5/4